10 lost nightclubs of the 1990s and 2000s in Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Clutching a pint of ‘blastaway’ and making shapes on the dance floor might be a distant memory for some but even more so, now that many area nightclubs have closed or changed names and appearance over the years.

How many times did you go out to clubs in Grimsby or Cleethorpes? Was it a weekly Friday night thing after work, were you a student going out several nights or did you celebrate a milestone birthday in one? How many of you used fake ID to gain entry?

Here are some of the ‘lost’ Grimsby and Cleethorpes nightclubs from the 1990s and 2000s which have either closed their doors; Customs, Tokyo Jo’s, JD’s, Grinders, Baker Street and The Flamingo (to name but a few) or have been knocked down, renamed or even transformed into something completely different.


What were your favourite places? Which venues played the best music? Can you remember the fashion trends and do you still have any 90s or early 2000s items hanging at the back of your wardrobe! (Be honest where did you hide the lycra!)

Park Lane

Park Lane was painted and refurbished more times than many of us can remember!

Park Lane has had more name changes than we’ve had hot dinners! Formerly known as Clouds in the 70s with pints costing 20 pence, the club on the corner of Sea Road and the Prom had the name for two periods, but later changed to Silhouettes, After Dark, The Litehouse and at the end of June 2018 – it changed once again to Nokturnal nightclub!

From mirrored walls to zebra print chairs, refurbishments have certainly changed the look of the place down the decades.

In 2019, it became Legends all you can east pizza restaurant, and now it’s come full circle and is a cafe bar known as Clouds.

JD’s Nightscene

Taking a look back at JD's Nightscene in Cleethorpes
Taking a look back at JD’s Nightscene in Cleethorpes

The iconic building on the corner of High Cliff and Sea View Street in Cleethorpes is now an apartment complex called ‘The Point’ – previously known as Deans, it was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

It featured television screens showing music videos, two staircases and two dance floors, with a viewing area from the upper floor. It was knocked down during 2003-4. Does anyone recall being accosted by rose sellers on night out too?

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge on Cleethorpes High Street

The distinctive building has been a local landmark since 1920, and has also been home to an indoor market, a branch of Woolworths and Arthur’s Snooker Hall.

Baton Rouge had an upstairs seating area and bar and the open plan viewing area directly over the dance floor. Many revellers on the upper floor enjoyed watching people arrive into the club and dance floor below. Around the upper floor was seating areas and another bar.

It was later transformed into Amishi with VIP booths and dance floor but has since been transformed into a bar and restaurant, decorated in a nod to its earlier use as The Coliseum Picture Theatre – which originally closed in 1953.

A huge haul of 50 new jobs were created by the new £1.7 million transformation of the former nightclub into an impressive new pub and eaterie operated by JD Wetherspoon – The Coliseum.

Pier 39

Do you remember dancing in the Pier or the Paradise Club?

The Pier has changed ownership and look several times since it originally opened on August Bank Holiday Monday 1873. The original pavilion was destroyed by fire in 1903 but in 1905 a new one was built, halfway along the pier. Over the decades it has hosted summer shows, wrestling, coin & stamp fairs and dance festivals.

Cleethorpes Pier underwent a £300,000 investment transforming it into Pier 39 nightclub on September 4, 1985.

It was the place to see girls braving the cold walkway without a coat so they could dance around their handbags on the sizeable dance floor. Celebrity guests often paid a visit including DJ Sonique who took a turn on the decks, Eastenders star Howard Antony and Hollyoakes star Gary Lucy and Blur also entertained the crowds.

The Pier night club underwent a major refurbishment in 2011

In 2006 they rebuilt the former Paradise Club, with the new Waterfront Bar – do you remember going?

The pier closed in 2010 for a short time until it was bought and leased it out. The nightclub reopened to the public on November 27, 2010 after undergoing a £200,000 refurbishment but due to problems closed again on September 2, 2011.

It was re-opened on December 1, 2011 with the front section being renamed the Tides Bar & Restaurant but was up for sale again just a year later. It failed to sell and was re-marketed twice in 2013. The Pier reopened in August 2015, under new ownership, with a Victorian style tea-room and 1873 fine dining restaurant, with function room and ballroom for weddings and events.

It was then reinvented as Papa’s Fish & Chips, which opened in 2017.

Baker Street

The old Baker Street nightclub in Grimsby - photo taken in the 1990s
The old Baker Street nightclub in Grimsby – photo taken in the 1990s

The Brighowgate club in Grimsby changed hands and re-opened as Heaven And Hell. It then closed and became Navigo House – the mental health service. Tukes Cafe was also part of the complex on the ground floor.

It then became a conference centre and cafe.


Exterior of the properties on Garth Lane, Grimsby – Grinders night club was on the top floor

Housed on the upper floors of the former Haven Mill complex off Garth Lane. Grinders even hosted birthday parties for youngsters with only soft drinks served of course! The 4,634 sq ft nightclub had dark walls with tiny pinhole lights and as some recall – a sticky carpet!


The former Fused bar, on Grimsby’s Riverhead, reopened in April 2006 as Musika. The troubled Fused bar closed in December 2005 after a decline in trade.

Owners Daisy Chain Inns commissioned a total revamp of the premises, which included the installation of three dance podia, beds as sofas and five TV screens.

It also showcased local and national bands, including Shola Ama and Artful Dodger – with the aim of featuring a different style of music each night of the week. In 2007, it changed ownership to licensee Paul Weeks who sold on the troubled venue a year later following commercial pressures from the smoking ban and a licensing review.

Musika on the Riverhead in Grimsby which closed in 2009

Although handed over to the handed over to the Sultan Pub Company, it eventually closed in 2009. In 2012 the Pure Gym chain, applied to transform the former Walkabout and Musika units into a state-of-the art fitness centre.

A second Musika venue, on the corner of Pasture Street and Victoria Street held retro themed nights. Did you go there and what did you wear?

The Flamingo

The former Flamingo, Cleethorpes

Known as The Flam – a club on North Sea Lane that was popular in the 1980s and 90s and is now the site of The Trawlerman – transformed by Marston’s brewery into a Tavern Table pub and restaurant. It was the sister venue to The Beachcomber.

It was also briefly known as Jezebels around 1993. The Flamingo was so popular it used to have as many as 800 people in, with queues forming at 8.30pm and stretching all the way around the car park!

The Flamingo, shut its doors after a decision not to carry on by club king Mark Mayer – it became part of his group of companies, which included Park Lane and Limes.

Mr Mayer said at the time: “It was not profitable. I am giving it back to the brewery. I have got enough on my plate, I couldn’t be there to look after it all the time.”

In 1975, Women seeking a night out at the Flamingo, were allowed in free on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After 10pm on Wednesdays and Fridays they needed to find 20p for admission, while on Saturday it would cost them 75p.

The Submarine

The Submarine, in April 1983

The promenade venue known as The Submarine pub with Waves (which changed to Bucket and Spade and reverted back and also became The Establishment briefly!).

It’s believed the lower half of the building was known locally by the nickname of the Submarine, due to the doors which led down to the bar having porthole windows and eventually the name stuck!

It’s since been knocked down to make way for a new venue.


February 1994 – Limes nightclub and Limelite Bar, High Street, Cleethorpes

Limelite Bar and, above it, Limes, in 1994, which was one of Mark Mayer’s establishments. Situated on Cleethorpes High Street, in 1993 it became The Bootlegger. Previously it was Russells. I recall this being the very first night club I ever went to.

I recall a steep staircase and wooden flooring and of course the lime green paint!

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