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Launched in March 2020, Steel FM has been broadcasting on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week supplying local and national news, local sport, local information, mixed with music and light hearted chat to the whole of Scunthorpe, Ashby, Winterton, Brigg, Kirton in Lindsey and the Surrounding Villages.
We cover the whole of North Lincolnshire.

Who are we?

We are Steel FM a Community Radio Station Serving the Community of Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire.
We are a Not For Profit Organisation manned mostly by Volunteers.
A Community Radio Station typically covers a small geographical area and run on a not-for-profit basis. 
They can cater for whole communities or for different areas of interest – such as a particular ethnic group, age group or interest group. 
A Community Radio Station reflects a diverse mix of cultures and interests. 
For example, you can listen to stations which cater for urban or experimental music, while others are aimed at younger people, religious communities or the Armed Forces and their families.
What Services Must a Community Radio Station Provide?
A community radio station’s programmes will reflect the needs and interests of its audience. 
But rather than ‘talk at’ its community, the station should become a central part of it. 
This means creating direct links with its listeners, offering training opportunities and making sure that members of the community can take part in how the station is run.
Community stations typically provide 90 hours of original and distinctive output a week, mostly locally produced. 
On average, stations operate with 79 volunteers who together give around 186 hours of their time a week.
What does ‘not for profit’ mean?
It means that any profits generated by the community radio station cannot be given to shareholders, for example, or used to benefit the people running the service.
However, this requirement does not prevent stations from paying staff. 
Any profit or surplus must be used for securing or improving the future provision of the radio service or for delivering social gain/ community benefits to the station’s target community.
Key Commitments?
Description of character of service:
Steel FM is a service for the people who live, work or are educated in Scunthorpe and district area. It provides an interactive community facility giving listeners the opportunity to hear dedicated local programming and to gain experience of radio broadcasting.
The service broadcasts:
Music. The main type of music broadcast over the course of each week is popular music from the 1950’s to the present day, with some specialist music genres also featured
Speech. The main types of speech output broadcast over the course of each week are news, interviews, discussions, features, and community information.
The studio is located within the licensed coverage area.
The service provides a range of community benefits (social gain objectives mandated by statute) for the target community, both on air and off air, and in doing so, achieves the following objectives:
The facilitation of discussion and the expression of opinion,
the provision (whether by means of programs included in the service or otherwise) of education or training to individuals not employed by the person providing the service, and
the better understanding of the particular community and the strengthening of links within it. Members of the target community contribute to the operation and management of the service.
The service has mechanisms in place to ensure it is accountable to its target community.
March 2020, Revised June 2023.


Steel FM is available on our smartphone apps



The Steel FM website (which you’re on right now) is the true hub of operations. Keeping you up to date with the latest news, recently played tracks and live schedules. 



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