Bio-D cleans up with consumer champion Which? Eco Buy endorsement

Hull’s green cleaning products manufacturer has had its top eco credentials underlined when it comes to dealing with plates, pots and pans by consumer champion Which?

Bio-D has secured the Eco Buy award, a key endorsement for its range of environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets.

After undergoing rigorous testing, the brand – the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, vegan cleaning products – received full marks, winning over products from Ecover, Smol, Splosh, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco. The assessment not only covered the tablets’ ingredients, but packaging too – with logistics throwing up another ace.

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Lloyd Atkin, managing director at Bio-D, said: “Having the Which? Eco Buy endorsement not only verifies the efficacy of our dishwasher tablets, it also highlights the environmental standards that are part of who we are as a brand. Having this highlighted gives shoppers the confidence to know that what they are buying not only works, but it’s doing good too.”

Branded Dishwasher Tablets, they form part of Bio-D’s zero-waste product range and use 100 per cent recyclable cardboard packaging and biodegradable water-soluble wrappers.

Bio-D's Dishwasher Tablets launched in July last year.
Bio-D’s Dishwasher Tablets launched in July last year.

Each tablet is also just 12g in weight, meaning carbon emission savings in both production and transport compared to traditional 20g alternatives. Mr Atkin said these often use filler products to bulk out. It means for every five trucks of 20g tablets, Bio-D only needs three, as 40 per cent more boxes can be transported. into transportation lorries compared to other average sized offerings.

The Which? Eco Buy endorsement recognises products that perform well under its thorough testing standards whilst also scoring top marks top marks for its sustainability performance.

Which? is the UK’s largest consumer organisation and has more than 1.3 million members and supporters. Testing products that shoppers want to know about, including top sellers and ones with new and innovative features, 73 per cent of people agree that a Which? endorsement logo is likely to influence the product or service they choose.

The Dishwasher Tablets were added to the company’s range last summer, months after the 34-year-old business completed a £600,000 expansion to Marfleet Environmental Technology Park on Hedon Road, doubling the factory footprint.

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