Dame Emma Thompson join restore nature march

Dame Emma Thompson join ‘restore nature’ march

Dame Emma Thompson backed Just Stop Oil as she led thousands of people on a march in London aimed at persuading politicians to prioritise nature and climate.

More than 350 charities, businesses and direct action groups were taking part in the Restore Nature Now march on Saturday, along with Dame Emma, businessman Dale Vince and naturalists Chris Packham and Steve Backshall.

Asked whether she backs the controversial group, which this week attacked Stonehenge with orange paint, the actress said: “I think I support anyone who fights this extraordinary battle.

“We cannot take any more oil out of the ground. I mean, there’s much argument about it. And I know there’s a lot of very complicated economic arguments about it.

“… we have to leave all the resources in the ground, we cannot bring them out of the ground.”

The march began at Hyde Park at 12.30pm and protesters walked calmly in a line, led by Dame Emma and Packham who held a banner reading Restore Nature Now.

Other banners reading There’s No life Without Wildlife, There Isn’t A Reset Button and Make MPs A Rare Species were visible in a sea of green foliage and wildlife cut-outs as people marched past Hyde Park and towards Whitehall.

Two 3D birds hovered at the front of the march, along with a bright blue butterfly and umbrellas coated in green mock foliage.

People carried soft toy birds, wore animal masks and waved flags as the march processed.

Chants of “Restore nature now” echoed down the line of protesters, as people rang bells, whistled and cheered.

Packham said it was the first time organisations across the entire spectrum of campaigning and conservation have united, from the National Trust to Just Stop Oil.

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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