Delight as Scunthorpe cookie company announces new store in Brigg

A popular Scunthorpe cookie company has announced it will soon be opening a store in Brigg serving delicious treats and drinks.

The Cookie People, in Ashby High Street, has become well known for its impressive and moreish treats, attracting the likes of Ellie from Gogglebox to its shop. Now, in a bid to build on the brand, it is expanding into the town where it all began.

Six years ago, owners Andy and Toni Robinson began trading at Brigg market and knew in that moment that they wanted to open a shop there one day. Now, they’re set to take over the famous Buttercross building, alongside the tourist information centre, with plans to open their store in the new year.


Co-owner Andy said: “We started the brand at Brigg Farmer’s Market six years ago, so it’s been on our radar for a while now. We looked at four or five different properties over the last year, but none really worked.

“We knew it was a good place to come as our customers had been asking us to open a shop here for a while. We came across the Buttercross by chance when we were walking through town and the idea just came to us.

“We spoke to the council who asked us to put in a proposal and it just went from there really. Thankfully, it’s all come together and worked out really well for us.” The building, right in the centre of Brigg, is over 200 years old and offers a very traditional aesthetic, which is something Andy loves.

“I am so happy that we’re doing it in that building,” he said. “I love old school places that are full of history like this. To be able to give it a new lease of life while keeping its traditional features is just brilliant.”

The Cookie People will operate out of the Buttercross building alongside the Tourist Information Centre
The Cookie People will operate out of the Buttercross building alongside the Tourist Information Centre

He added: “We want people to come in and sit down with a proper coffee and a cookie. I think with us alongside some of the other independent businesses in the town, Brigg will have something really strong to offer people.”

Having announced the new store, everyone involved with the brand is excited to get inside their new home.

“The location has been secret for a little while, but now it’s out we can’t stop talking about it. I’m staying as calm as possible though as I want to make sure we do this right,” said Andy.

“There’s a great buzz around the team about the news and that’s great to see.” However, fans of their cookies may have to wait a little while before getting to taste one at the Brigg store.

“We won’t be opening until the new year I don’t think. We’d like to do something inside for the Christmas market, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

With the new shop, the husband and wife team will also achieve one of their main business aims from the very start of their venture.

“The dream was always to have a proper sit down coffee shop and Brigg is bringing that to life,” said Andy. “The long-term plan is to keep expanding in places that are pretty local to where we are now. There is something in the pipeline for Lincoln, but we just want to make sure we keep offering quality cookies to the people of northern Lincolnshire.”

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