Experts to take a ‘Deep’ breath as relaxation methods to combat work and life stress explored

Experts will take a dive into the techniques of breathwork as businesses come together in Hull to explore issues around relaxation and stress.

Resilience coach and mental health advocate Josh Connolly will be joined by leading employment law authority Ed Jenneson, who has been enlightened by his late discovered neurodiversity, and Leon McQuade, co-founder of cyber-security specialist Think Cloud and a trustee of Andy’s Man Club.

The event, Breathe to Succeed: Empowering You to Thrive in Life & Business, will be sponsored and hosted by The Deep, on Tuesday 26 September, with all proceeds from ticket sales being donated to Andy’s Man Club and the National Association for the Children of Alcoholics.

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Leon and Ed decided to organise the event after collaborating on an episode of The Hack Podcast to discuss the power of self-discovery as an essential tool for dealing with challenges and achieving a balanced life, improving mental well-being and cultivating a resilience for personal growth.

Ed, a Hull-based partner at Gunnercooke LLP, remains in regular contact with his former coach Josh having worked with on a one-to-one basis and at events. He said: “Josh is a certified breathwork coach and has toured the UK and Ireland delivering group workshops which involve the participants undertaking breathwork meditation on a collective basis.

“He centres on equipping people with practical tools to develop mental strength, unshakeable confidence and lasting fulfilment, and he is passionate about using his powerful story and platforms to enact positive change in mental health support and stigma reduction.”

Leon brings decades of experience scaling multi-million pound companies across various industries and from Andy’s Man Club, a men’s suicide prevention charity which was founded in Halifax in 2016 and now has around 120 centres nationwide.

Leon said: “In looking at the practice of breathwork we came up with the idea of a transformative and interactive breathwork workshop which can help people unlock their full potential in life and business by reducing anxiety, improving focus, and finding deeper clarity.”

Josh said “Most wellbeing practices ignore the body, which results in people trying to rationalise their way out of how they feel. This means emotion gets trapped within the body, causing an internal struggle and difficulty in relationships. Finding practices like breathwork, which help you release the emotion in a healthy way can make you more connected to yourself and the people around you.”

The Deep Business Centre is hosting the event as part of its support for Andy’s Man Club, which includes fundraising activities and donating tickets for The Deep as prizes.

Freya Cross, head of business and corporate at The Deep, said: “Our day-to-day focus is on business but we are well aware that there are no boundaries when it comes to the sort of issues which are tackled by Andy’s Man Club so we are hosting and promoting this event with the message that it can benefit anybody – men and women –who have a busy work and/or home life.”


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