Grimsby Town boss on what West Brom loan signing Jamie Andrews will bring to the team

Paul Hurst provided more information on what midfield loan signing Jamie Andrews’ role at Grimsby Town will be this season and how it might affect his selection decisions.

The 20-year-old came in this week from West Bromwich Albion and made his debut on Tuesday night in the EFL Trophy, playing ahead of Alex Hunt and Evan Khouri in central midfield.

In his developmental years in West Brom’s academy, Andrews has played all the different roles that can be fulfilled in the middle of the park and in a loan spell at Yeovil Town last term he operated mainly as a box-to-box type, which Hurst wants to see him do at Grimsby.

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He said: “He can play as an eight, whether it is the right side or left side, and he can play if we go with two holding midfield players, so I wanted someone to come in that had that adaptability.

“That is something that I wanted to be able to change because when I had what I considered my best team available, that was the area that we potentially tweaked. There might have been one or two other things but in general, that was the area where we thought we might make a change.

Hurst is often changing the composition of his midfield to deal with the different challenges that are thrown at the team in those areas in League Two. The Grimsby boss alluded to needing a versatile player to bring into midfield who could cope with those regular alterations.

“It was important for me that he could do both roles and the person that was coming in had to be capable of playing as an eight,” explained Hurst.

“He put a couple of good balls in [against Man City] but that is something he’ll probably want to do better with. He’s scored a couple of goals in his career and he is certainly capable of doing that for us too.

“We’ll see how he progresses with us, but he is certainly a player that I think is comfortable in possession which is one of the key attributes for a midfield player.”

It will be interesting to see what the introduction of another name does for the battle for places in midfield, which was already the most saturated area of players in the Town squad. Hurst’s view has generally remained consistent on this subject; he welcomes the competition for selection but will facilitate a departure if in the best interest of the club.

“I don’t want them to be content I want them to want to be in the team,” added Hurst. “I don’t envisage anyone leaving [in the short term] because if they want to move it will be a case of dropping down a league.

“Alex [Hunt] started the season and then came out, Evan [Khouri] perhaps hasn’t had as many minutes as some of the others, but overall, I’m just going to pick what I think is best and I want the competition [for places] to remain.”

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