Man banned from ‘loitering’ in North Lincolnshire after making public feel ‘distressed’

A man has been banned from sitting, laying or loitering outside shops in North Lincolnshire after making the public feel ‘distressed’.

Benjamin Jenney, 27, of no fixed abode was arrested and later charged with a number of public order offences after breaking an existing Community Protection Notice. Jenney was found to be in breach of the order when Humberside Police found him outside a shop on Glebe Road in Scunthorpe on Saturday, 2 September.

The order meant Jenney could not sit, loiter or lay outside any retail premises and he was subsequently handed a Criminal Behaviour Order at Grimsby Magistrates Court on Monday, 4 September for breaking it. The new order will last for two years and prevents him from remaining on any premises, retail or otherwise, when asked to leave.

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He is also not allowed to sit, lay or loiter outside any retail premises, occupied or not, in North Lincolnshire. Officer in the case Police Constable Joanne Skinner said: “Benjamin’s behaviour around Scunthorpe, especially by begging outside retail stores, has caused members of the public, shopkeepers, and their staff to feel harassed, alarmed and distressed whilst they are trying to go about their daily business.

“This has amounted to Jenney becoming a serious nuisance for members of the local community and I hope that by being granted a Criminal Behaviour Order, it will support Jenney in understanding what is considered acceptable behaviour.

“We work tirelessly with partner agencies to support people like Jenney, and we hope this result will be a positive step in improving the experience of members of the public and businesses, within our communities.”

Original artice: https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/all-about/scunthorpe

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