Meld Energy’s £250m Hull green hydrogen plant plans to go ahead

Plans to build a £250m green hydrogen production facility in Hull have been approved – paving the way for local heavy industry to use the cleaner fuel.

US-backed British energy start-up Meld Energy will now develop the 100-megawatt plant at the Saltend Chemicals Park – a move it says will create the capacity to meet up to 30% of the park’s existing hydrogen demand. Earlier this year, the firm submitted a bid to access funding from the Government’s Hydrogen Production Business Model.

Meld says the plant will lead to a reduction of 125,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Last year Meld indicated it hoped to have the facility operational by early 2027.

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The green hydrogen to be produced at Saltend will be created via electrolysis, using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is said to be crucial for the chemical industry’s transition to net zero, replacing some use of gas.

Meld Energy’s CEO Chris Smith said: “Meld Energy’s ambitious plans for the Humber are poised to accelerate decarbonisation efforts in the region. This outline planning approval is an important milestone for the development of our project which is the first of several that we will be bringing forward in the Humber and across the UK.

“Our Saltend Chemicals Park project will enable decarbonisation for our customers on the park and sets the baseline for accelerating and reducing the cost of the energy transition. We couldn’t be more excited with this news and look forward to being able to share more in the coming weeks.”

Geoff Holmes, CEO of px Group, said: “It is hugely positive that Meld has received planning permission for its Green Hydrogen Production Facility here at Saltend Chemicals Park and we look forward to collaborating with them further throughout the development and build phase. We are committed to decarbonisation projects that will play a crucial role in meeting the UK’s sustainability targets whilst also helping boost the local economy of the Humber region.

“We have a host of world-class industrial companies on site and major investments like this show once again that Saltend is the go-to location for industrial decarbonisation and the UK energy transition.”

In 2022 Meld secured a 50% equity backing from US Fortune 500 energy management company World Fuel Services Corporation, via its subsidiary World Kinect Sustainability Ventures.

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