Mountain bike track could be coming to Winterton

A mountain bike or BMX track could be coming to Winterton in the future.

An area of wasteland by the recently solar panel-fitted Winterton Community Pavilion and nearby playing fields is being eyed up by the town council to get turned into a BMX track. Residents will be consulted on it.

The Mayor of Winterton and a North Lincolnshire ward councillor discussed the proposal with the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) during a walkabout in Winterton.

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Winterton Town Council has already discussed the suggestion and it will go to a consultation stage. However, Mayor Marilynne Harrison stressed it was only so far an idea.

“We’ve found the space and what to do with it,” she said. “This is all wasteland, you couldn’t make good a football pitch out of it,” she said when showing the suggested location.

“It will take some construction, some money and maybe try to get the youths down and get involved,” the Mayor said, about how the course would be shaped. “It’s just an idea at the moment and we’re looking at how we can raise funds.”

Mayor Marilynne Harrison and Cllr Elaine Marper discussing the wasteland where a mountain bike track has been suggested for.
Mayor Marilynne Harrison and Cllr Elaine Marper discussing the wasteland where a mountain bike track has been suggested for.

The space, off Newport Drive at the far corner of Winterton Community Pavilion and its playing fields, is not used for anything currently, and has a natural dip due to the valley. It has seen small manmade mounds form over time too. Cllr Elaine Marper, Burton Upon Stather and Winterton Ward, said the idea came from a few people using it on a small scale with bikes already.

A fact-finding mission to Welton was planned to check similar existing facilities there to develop the idea further. Cllr Marper also indicated the consultation will probably be led by the town council and promoted jointly with North Lincolnshire Council.

Mayor Harrison suggested it might come to fruition next year. It will be discussed again at the town council’s next meeting later in September.

The town’s community pavilion was opened ten years ago and this year has had solar panels installed. This is thanks to £18,000 in SSE grant funding, obtained via Brigg and Goole MP Andrew Percy‘s ‘Bid Writing Service’ to support community projects bidding for funds.

On the day the LDRS visited, it was hosting a FUELLED holiday activities and food (HAF) programme. This essentially owes its origins to the pandemic and concern for free school meals children.

It is a Department for Education-funded programme, organised at a local level by councils. In North Lincolnshire, kids on free school meals in term time can participate during the main school holidays in programmes that offer activities and a free healthy meal each day with them.

Genius Tuition were running Winterton’s HAF programme at the pavilion. “The idea is for it to be nutritional and encourage them to do activities that are nutritional,” said the company’s regional HAF coordinator Mohammed Azwal. Around 40 kids, aged 5-14, were signed up to FUELLED four weeks, four days a week, sessions that Genius Tuition were running at Winterton.

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