Online bookshop hits 3 million for independent sellers

Online bookshop hits £3 million for independent sellers

Bookshop.org considers itself the “ethical book-buying alternative”

An online bookshop has reached its target of raising £3 million in profit for independent booksellers in its fight for them to “thrive in the world of ecommerce”.

Bookshop.org considers itself the “ethical book-buying alternative” to Amazon, with a mission to financially support local and independent bookshops, and is now setting a new goal, to increase online sales for sellers five times by 2028.

The Booksellers Association (BA), which represents both chain and independent bookshops, and Bookshop.org, will conduct an annual survey on the digital footprint of independent bookshops in the UK to track developments in online sales.

Nicole Vanderbilt, managing director of Bookshop.org UK, has urged publishers, authors, bookshops and readers to “embrace” its mission to allow independent bookshops to thrive in an age of ecommerce.

She said: “Thanks to ethically conscious book-buyers in the UK, we are proud to have reached the milestone of £3 million in incremental profit generated for independent bookshops.

“However, we believe the online book market has many more opportunities to offer to independent booksellers – in a way, we’ve only helped them scratch the surface so far.

“As 60% of books are currently bought online, independent bookshops should aim to see a larger proportion of their books also bought online.

“We want to help them be competitive in the world of ecommerce, translating their knowledge, passion and creativity to the online world, and freeing them of the logistics of online book order-taking and delivery.”

She added: “We believe that a world where independent bookshops are successful businesses, with a robust online presence, is a better world for everyone.”

Martin Higgins, UK retail director at Penguin Random House, said: “The development of Bookshop.org over the past two and half years in the UK has been remarkable.

“They have complemented and amplified the growing UK independent bookshop market with an original business model, and have succeeded in ensuring many high street booksellers establish a strong online trading presence.

“We are looking forward to continuing to work closely with the team at Bookshop.org on their exciting future plans.”

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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