PC who helped tackle gunman is dismissed after failing to report arrests and swearing at the public

A Humberside Police officer once nominated for a bravery award for his role in tackling a gunman has been dismissed after restraining suspected criminals and then just letting them off while also swearing at members of the public.

PC Gary Kendrew faced a string of allegations that he breached the standards of professional behaviour which include failing to report arrests and use of force during a patrol in Scunthorpe. He and another officer, PC Mollie Brooks, also lied about being assaulted while on a job in Grimsby.

Both officers were dismissed from Humberside Police following a police misconduct hearing last month at the old Magistrates’ Court in Goole.

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PC Kendrew and PC Brooks were jointly accused of making false statements when attending an incident in Grimsby on June 11, 2021. They claimed a suspect who was arrested attempted to attack them with a bat.

In their evidence before the panel, PC Brooks and PC Kendrew both admitted the body worn video (BWV) recording was accurate and their memories were wrong. The panel also noted both officers gave an accurate account of what happened in real time over the radio and it determined they made false statements knowing them to be false or not to be true.

The panel report said: “There is a stark difference between what PC Brooks and PC Kendrew said and what can be seen clearly depicted on the BWV. It is difficult to explain that difference by an honest mistake. It is inherently improbable that both officers were both honestly mistaken about this given what can be seen on the BWV footage.”

PC Kendrew also faced allegations he failed to caution or arrest members of the public and used excessive force during patrol in Scunthorpe on the evening of August 14, 2021.

One charge relates to failing to caution someone he arrested adequately. He was heard to say: “You do not have to say anything but harm your defence blah blah, something about court, off you f***’. Furthermore, the officer failed to record or report the arrest and did not identify the male being arrested.

He also used force on another male member of the public, restraining him on the ground but then allowed the male to leave the area without recording his details and did not submit a Use of Force form detailing his actions.

PC Kendrew also used force on a third male member of the public by taking him to the ground and restraining him. The officer failed to use powers of arrest despite having identified the male had committed an offence. Instead, PC Kendrew allowed the male to walk away without having recorded any details, nor did he submit a Use of Force form.

In addition, PC Kendrew repeatedly used foul language, specifically, the word ‘f***’ and the term ‘f*** off’ to members of the public and in circumstances where the use of such language was unnecessary and likely to discredit and/or undermine public confidence in Humberside Police.”

BWV captured the incidents that evening and the panel determined the use of force was “unnecessary and/or excessive” while his use of foul language to members of the public “was likely to bring discredit to the Humberside Police and/or undermine confidence in it”.

PC Brooks was also charged with other breaches. It is alleged that, between July 26, 2021 and August 15, 2021, she “disclosed confidential police information on a social media chat group inappropriately and without a proper policing purpose”. A further allegation states that, between she accessed records without authority or a policing purpose to do so on August 19, 2021.

During the hearing she told the panel she shared the information to “sound off” and was seeking support from friends. But it was also clear she embellished the events and claimed she was more involved in the investigation than she actually was.

The panel found these allegations proven and said: “We conclude that not all of the information that PC Brooks shared in the chat group was already in the public domain.

The old Magistrates' Court in Goole
The old Magistrates’ Court in Goole

“The Panel established that PC Brooks shared some of the sensitive information whilst the events were still in progress and under active police investigation with the risk that publicity could have led to compromise of the investigations. There was no legitimate policing purpose for PC Brooks’ actions.”

Mitigation was offered for both officers. The bravery award nomination for PC Kendrew was cited. In July 2021 he and three other officers managed to track down a gunman in Scunthorpe who had fired at one of his colleagues. They entered a building and managed to arrest the gunman.

There was also personal mitigation put forward for PC Brooks but the panel felt the circumstances outlined were not enough to avoid dismissal.

With most of the allegations proven, the panel found both officers behaviour amounted to gross misconduct. As both were PCs there was no option to reduce their rank and they determined a final written warning was insufficient.

The panel said: “The finding of operational dishonesty made against PC Brooks and PC Kendrew is so serious that dismissal will be almost inevitable except in exceptional cases. The Panel’s decision about the case is that it is so serious that nothing less than dismissal would be sufficient to maintain public confidence.

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“The fact that PC Kendrew is an exceptional officer who has demonstrated remarkable bravery with powerful and moving personal mitigation will not justify a lesser sanction in the circumstances of this case.

“The fact that PC Brooks has been described as having exemplary character (not fully accepted by the Panel in the light of admitted matters) with extensive moving personal mitigation will not justify a lesser sanction in the circumstances of this case.

“The most appropriate outcome in this case that fulfils the purpose of imposing sanctions in police misconduct proceedings is one of dismissal without notice. This is a case where the officers should be dismissed in order to maintain public confidence in and the reputation of the police service, to uphold high standards, to deter future misconduct and to protect the public.”

Original artice: https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/all-about/scunthorpe

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