Revealed – the top spots where parking tickets are handed out in North Lincolnshire

More than 2,000 parking penalties were given out last year on two roads by Scunthorpe General Hospital.

Overall, there were 8,880 parking tickets issued by North Lincolnshire Council in 2023/24. Two Scunthorpe streets by the town’s hospital accounted for 23 per cent of the entire total.

Cliff Gardens, outside the hospital, saw 1,344 parking penalties issued there last financial year and brought in £35,000 revenue for the council. The only other street to reach even half that total was nearby Brant Road, with 718. No other place passed 200.

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As part of a parking tickets Freedom of Information (FOI) request to North Lincolnshire Council, Grimsby Live asked for the most ticketed streets in the local authority area, last year and this current financial year. Find out in the pictures below which spots make the list.

There is little chance already that Cliff Gardens outside the hospital will lose its most ticketed street crown this year. In just under two months, it has already wracked up 153 penalty notices issued.

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust’s (NLAG) Scunthorpe General Hospital parking webpage requests people to “consider using alternative means of transport where possible, to give priority for onsite parking to those who really need it”. It has two main public car park areas, and its normal charge rate is £2.70 for up to one hour. However, there are a number of concessions including free parking for Blue Badge holders.

A two-storey car park was opened in 2021, with 91 spaces for public use on the ground floor. For more information about Scunthorpe General Hospital parking, click here.

All parking tickets FOI-obtained data was put to the council, including the most ticketed locations. A North Lincolnshire Council spokesperson said: “Parking in North Lincolnshire must be among the cheapest in the country – with two-hour free parking weekdays and it is totally free on weekends.

“Inconsiderate parking on residential streets can lead to real problems for residents. Signage where there are restrictions are clear and it is easy to avoid a ticket – just stick to the rules.”

Original artice: https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/all-about/scunthorpe

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