Route of the new £500,000 Scunthorpe mile-long cycleway

A new cycleway will be created in Scunthorpe with around half a million pounds of government cash being used to fund it.

The mile-long route will connect cyclists from the town centre to Central Park, The Pods and the university. It will also be lit at night with eco-friendly low-energy lighting.

It is understood that around £500,000 of government cash is paying for the cycleway. North Lincolnshire Council leader Cllr Rob Waltham said: “We have received tens of thousands in government cash to enhance the cycle routes across the whole of North Lincolnshire – ensuring people can travel safely in the way which best suits them.


“We have focussed on making sure the infrastructure is in place to encourage people to use more sustainable transport options – switching from the car to public transport or walking or cycling has many benefits, both for the environment and for people’s own health and wellbeing. We know that the systems have to be in place to make this possible, the routes have to be there for people to travel safely and this new mile-long stretch of cycle lane – which will be lit of an evening – will make the green space, the leisure activities and the education offer in the park more accessible.”

The route will connect from Howden’s Hill, with new crossings on Rowland Road and Ashby Road, to the Central Park section which runs next to Ashby Road. It will then follow the existing footpath in the park through to The Pods and past the University Campus North Lincolnshire. There will be safe crossings at the entrances to these, too.

Cllr Tim Mitchell, cabinet member for connectivity, said transport options needed to work for people, connecting them with jobs, and leisure activities. “We have a real strong focus on ensuring the network works for people to travel in the way which best suits them and we are developing innovative transport solutions which will encourage, where possible, people to cycle or walk.

“We have the backing from government – and the hard cash needed – to develop these plans.”

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