Scunthorpe residents ‘completely fed up’ of traffic bedlam in cul-de-sac at school pick-up time

Residents on a Scunthorpe cul-de-sac have been left “completely fed up” of the chaos during school pick-up time as cars become gridlocked, residents’ driveways are parked over and pavements are blocked.

From around 2.45pm each weekday during term time, residents on Chatterton Crescent report being blocked in from moving their cars from their driveways and unable to enter or exit the street altogether, due to a number of parents opting to park there in order to access the side entrance to Crosby Primary School.

The situation – which has been ongoing for around six years – has become so bad that an elderly resident allegedly fell over due to a car blocking the pavement. Many residents are also forced to leave earlier than they need to if they have an appointment during school pick-up time.


One resident, who has lived on Chatterton Crescent for 15 years and wished to remain anonymous, told Scunthorpe Live: “When they built the school, the Council told us that our cul-de-sac would be footfall only, but parents aren’t allowed to park near the front entrance on Normanby Road so a lot of them park down here because there’s a side entrance. But because it’s only one way in and out, it causes congestion.

“A 90-year-old lady fell the other day trying to get across the road because someone had completely blocked the pavement with their car. To an old person, if they’re not good on their feet and struggle with their balance, it’s a big deal.

Vehicles line Chatterton Crescent at school pick-up time. Some parked vehicles may belong to residents

“A lot of residents’ families won’t come at certain times because you can’t park down there. If people have appointments, they have to leave early because there’s so much traffic and you can’t get in or out. People will park in front of people’s driveways and block their drives. We’re completely fed up of it.”

The resident said the situation has been reported numerous times to North Lincolnshire Council, and that occasionally traffic wardens are sent out to patrol the area – but that workers receive “abuse” when they ask people to move their cars.

“The Council say they’re looking into it, and you keep reporting it, but how many times do you have to report something? Occasionally they send traffic wardens out who get abuse when they ask people to move,” she said.

Cllr Rob Waltham, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said that parents who park inconsiderately on Chatterton Crescent and do not abide by restrictions “should take a long hard look at themselves”.

In a statement, he said: “We work with headteachers and schools to encourage them to engage with parents so they can make the environment around the school as safe as possible.

“Additionally, enforcement officers regularly patrol these areas, and we do issue fines but it staggers me that we have to. Parking restrictions outside schools are quite clear – they exist to keep children and young people safe.

“It really is not difficult to abide by them for the short period of time it takes to drop off or pick up children, nor is it that difficult to be considerate to residents when parking. The parents who choose to not abide by these restrictions or park inconsiderately should take a long hard look at themselves.”

Original artice: https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/all-about/scunthorpe

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