Scunthorpe residents fed up with pot hole that’s damaging their cars

Scunthorpe residents are fed up with the potholes on their street that they claim have been damaging their cars.

People living on Herrick Road in the Westcliff area say they have been dealing with the issue for the past three years with some people even having their tyres punctured after driving over the holes. The issue has become that frustrating that some have thought about fixing the potholes themselves.

Having approached North Lincolnshire Council to fix them, they are still yet to be filled in. Now, resident Connor Wolstenholme is hoping something can be done before the problem gets worse.


He said: “It’s been an issue for about three years now and we’ve reported it to the Council many times. However, every time we ask them to come all they do is take some pictures and never come back.

“Nothing ever gets done around here.” Connor is that frustrated by the state of the local area that he has taken it upon himself to fix parts of the street. “I’ve been putting flower beds together and also mowing the grass to make sure it looks neat and tidy.

“I’ve even thought about sorting the potholes myself it’s become that bad and is taking that long to fix. I’ve had a tyre pop on my car from driving over it before. It’s like the Council have lost interest in it at this point.”

He added: “I understand why it might take more time to get it sorted, but we all feel a bit let down by the situation. We keep telling them about it, but it just feels like it will never happen.

Connor Wolstenholme has spent a lot of his own time and money caring for the local area
Connor Wolstenholme has spent a lot of his own time and money caring for the local area

“The longer it’s left the more issues it will cause for the cars down the street.” However, Connor is now feeling under pressure to keep on top of the local area and is worried that he may not be able to keep it up for much longer.

“I’m trying to make the area look nice, but issues like this make it difficult to keep on top of. It really knocks you back when you see something not being fixed.

“I do worry that the pothole situation will never get sorted though. I’m also struggling to keep doing my bit as I’m running out of money. It’s a real battle to keep the place tidy at the minute and these potholes are a massive issue to everyone on the street.”

North Lincolnshire Council said they were aware of the potholes and that they will fix them soon.

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