Storm Isha tracker map and hour-by-hour weather forecast for Grimsby area as yellow warning issued

Storm Isha is due to bring wet and very windy weather to northern Lincolnshire this weekend, with a severe weather warning in place for Grimsby and Scunthorpe.

The storm is due to sweep across northern Britain, with wind speeds reaching up to 80mph in some areas and gusts of 50-60mph commonplace. A 24-hour severe weather warning for wind will be in place from noon on Sunday to noon on Monday.

A yellow weather warning has been issued for northern Lincolnshire, with The Met Office warning that “strong winds associated with Storm Isha” could bring disruption to travel and local services on Sunday and Monday.


The yellow wind warning means people should be aware of potential damage to buildings, such as tiles blown from roofs. Flying debris and, on the coast, large waves could also cause problems, along with power cuts and potential disruption to travel.

However, warmer temperatures will replace the recent sub-zero chills, with highs of 12C likely on Sunday night. You can follow the progress of the storm on this tracker map from windy.com, a website dedicated to tracking wind conditions.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said “Temperatures are going to be much higher than they have been.” He added: “Quite widely we could see places reaching highs of 12C-13C but we need to factor in the strong winds, the rain, the cloud, and so it is not going to feel quite so warm as this might suggest.”

Storm Isha is the ninth named storm to hit the UK since the season began in September. Each is named when it poses a risk to people and they are given names beginning with consecutive letters of the alphabet.

Hour by hour forecast for Grimsby

SATURDAY: Overcast with showers, temperatures reaching highs of 6C. Wind speeds picking up towards midnight and into the early hours. Feeling four or five degrees colder than stated temperature.

  • 10-11am: Cloudy, 5C, wind gusts 36mph
  • Noon: Sunny intervals, 6C, wind gusts 41mph
  • 1pm: Cloudy, 6C, wind gusts 37mph
  • 2-3pm: Heavy rain, 6C, wind gusts 36mph
  • 4pm: Cloudy, 6C, wind gusts 31mph
  • 5pm-6pm: Cloudy, 5C, wind gusts 31mph
  • 7pm: Cloudy, 5C, wind gusts 32mph
  • 8pm: Light rain, 5C, wind gusts 34mph
  • 9pm: Light shower, 4C, wind gusts 33mph
  • 10pm: Cloudy, 4C, wind gusts 34mph
  • 11pm: Cloudy, 4C, wind gusts 37mph

SUNDAY: Cloudy skies throughout the morning until rain returns from mid-afternoon. Temperatures rising to highs of 12C and wind gusts increasing to speeds of 56mph into the evening.

  • Midnight: Overcast, 3C, wind gusts 37mph
  • 1am: Light rain, 3C, wind gusts 38mph
  • 2am: Heavy rain, 3C, wind gusts 38mph
  • 3am: Heavy shower, 4C, wind gusts 38mph
  • 4am: Cloudy, 5C, wind gusts 37mph
  • 5am: Cloudy, 6C, wind gusts 35mph
  • 6am: Cloudy, 7C, wind gusts 33mph
  • 7am: Cloudy, 7C, wind gusts 31mph
  • 8am: Cloudy, 7C, wind gusts 30mph
  • 9am-10am: Cloudy, 8C, wind gusts 32mph
  • 11am: Cloudy, 9C, wind gusts 33mph
  • 12pm: Cloudy, 10C, wind gusts 34mph
  • 1pm: Cloudy, 10C, wind gusts 35mph
  • 2pm: Cloudy, 10C, wind gusts 39mph
  • 3pm: Light rain, 11C, wind gusts 42mph
  • 4pm: Light rain, 11C, wind gusts 47mph
  • 5pm: Cloudy, 11C, wind gusts 51mph
  • 6pm: Cloudy, 11C, wind gusts 54mph
  • 7pm: Light rain, 11C, wind gusts 55mph
  • 8pm: Heavy shower, 11C, wind gusts 55mph
  • 9pm: Heavy rain, 11C, wind gusts 56mph
  • 10pm: Heavy rain, 12C, wind gusts 55mph
  • 11pm: Light rain, 12C, wind gusts 55mph

MONDAY: Temperatures and wind speeds dropping. Showers in the early hours, but rain then gives way to drier conditions.

  • Midnight: Light shower, 12C, wind gusts 52mph
  • 3am: Heavy shower, 11C, wind gusts 43mph
  • 6am: Clear night, 8C, wind gusts 39mph
  • 9am: Sunny intervals, 7C, wind gusts 39mph
  • Noon: Cloudy, 9C, wind gusts 40mph

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