Street food stall offering quirky festive dishes sets up shop on Freeman Street Market

A “project of passion” street food stall offering an array of festive-themed fusion food has set up shop on Freeman Street Market.

Fork In The Road has been established by former cruise ship worker and Grimsby man Toby Jack, who says his travels to faraway places such as south east Asia, Australia and Mexico inspired him to fuse a wide range of cuisines and create his quirky dishes.

With plans to change the menu every few weeks, the stall has launched with a special Christmas menu, complete with fun, festive names to match.


Breakfast options include the Yuletide Breakfast Taco and Oh Holy Omelette Burrito, while main dishes include the iconic Gobble Gobble – pulled turkey leg tossed in homemade gravy, topped with festive slaw, pickled red onions and stuffing in a brioche bun – and the Merry Fishmas, king prawns cut into chunks and fried in a Marie Rose sauce batter. Both are served alongside triple cooked rosemary fries.

On to the side dishes, and diners can look forward to trying the Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts and the Merry Mac & Cheesemus, among others.

Toby Jack at Fork In the Road which has opened on Freeman Street Market
Toby Jack at Fork In the Road which has opened on Freeman Street Market

Owner Toby said: “I’m focusing the food on the festive Christmas season with it being that time of year and then it’ll change quite regularly, to keep myself occupied as much as anything else. I’ve always liked to play around with food. When my parents said, ‘Don’t play with your food’, I’d play with my food.

“I’m really into food fusions, so I always like to look at things and say, ‘How can I present that as something that’s familiar but where people go, ‘That’s interesting, I’ll give that a try’. And so that’s what I’ve tried to do with this menu, and that’s what I’ll do with every menu going forward.

Fork In the Road which has opened on Freeman Street Market
Fork In the Road which has opened on Freeman Street Market

“As a kid I did cookery courses at Grimsby College. I got a lot of pleasure from that and learned a lot. I’m Grimsby born and bred but I haven’t really lived in the area for a few years because I was working abroad – I think that helped with this very much. I spent a lot of time in South East Asia and Australia and in Mexico, and I love Mexican cuisine.”

Toby said he feels many street food stalls have the tendency to be overpriced, and has tried to keep his prices as low as possible amid the cost of living crisis.

“For me, street food has always been one of those things where I’ve noticed the prices have been creeping up to restaurant prices,” he said.

Toby said the stall has been a 'project of passion'
Toby said the stall has been a ‘project of passion’

“But for me, street food is something that should be cheap. It may not always necessarily be the top-quality ingredients you’ll find at a restaurant – if you want that, go to a restaurant. Street food should be cheap and tasty and by using a few tricks and hacks, you can make ingredients that maybe are a little less in quality taste like they’re more. That’s something I try to do.

“It’s a project of passion, and I’m hoping it works out. I’d like to think it’s something that speaks to people and is priced in the right ballpark.”

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