Telegraph House now home to 20-plus businesses as vision becomes reality for city-style hub

The delivery of a thriving economic hub in the heart of Grimsby has been celebrated, having surpassed expectations.

More than 20 businesses are now trading from Telegraph House, with city-level facilities brought to the town to serve operations ranging from the emerging to internationally established.

Entrepreneurial lawyer Jonathan Stones had the vision for the news organisation’s former premises – vacated in 2015 – having acquired it a short time earlier. Inspiration was taken from office complexes in Leeds, Manchester and London to provide a location with the right technology and facilities with custom requirements also catered for.

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Mr Stones, partly driven by the needs for the expanding John Barkers legal practice he leads, now the cornerstone of the Humber Legal Group following a run of acquisitions, said: “It is easy to think of an office as just a desk, a chair, a phone and a wifi connection; but we wanted more than that. We wanted to create an environment, a culture, a community. I was a big believer that if we made a quality product, people would use it.

“Local and regional businesses are growing in importance. These businesses generate significant wealth within their respective regions, and the majority of people are employed by such enterprises rather than large multinationals. Our goal is to bring big city quality and standards to Grimsby, as befits the ambitious global businesses.”

Jonathan Stones, the entrepreneurial lawyer behind the creation of Telegraph House Business Centre in Grimsby.
Jonathan Stones, the entrepreneurial lawyer behind the creation of Telegraph House Business Centre in Grimsby.

Multinational shipping and logistics operator Samskip is one of the latest to drop anchor at the four-storey Cleethorpe Road premises, which stretch back across the block from Riby Square to Kent Street. Another sharing the same front door is Rouute, a developer of energy generation infrastructure for high-traffic areas.

Boasting a spectacular view down Grimsby’s Royal Dock, Telegraph House is seen as being part of a rising tide that can lift all boats. It follows E-Factor’s Base Camp development of shared facilities in Dudley Street and Grimsby’s Enterprise Village in nearby Prince Albert Gardens, with further plans now being realised with the redevelopment of St James’ House.

Recognising the premises’ historical importance and potential in Grimsby’s revival, much of which is centred around the docks, Mr Stones worked with consultant Sam Burgess – a former employee of the Telegraph – as well as Clark Weightman and Barclays Corporate, among others, to transform it into a modern business centre.

“We knew there was this change happening in the workplace. People are wanting a more tailored, managed space. We’ve seen it with our clients. To look after a building takes someone’s time. And, if it’s not primary to your business operation, why do it?”

Through Telegraph House Business Centre, Mr Stones and his team is offering a bespoke service to the managed office tenant businesses, from supplying furniture to fitting floor-to-ceiling glass partition systems or even repositioning internal walls.

Jonathan envisions a “limitless future” for Grimsby’s business landscape, fostering a community of ambitious enterprises that benefit from cutting-edge technology and facilities.

The next business phase is to expand use to conferences, with three boardrooms and numerous meeting rooms and training spaces available.

“We’re attracting quality tenants beyond our expectations by ensuring that working at Telegraph House is an exceptional experience,” he added.

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