‘The best pizza in Grimsby’ – I tried the food at the new Tredici restaurant and felt like I was back in Italy

The new Tredici restaurant has officially opened in the heart of Grimsby – and it’s going down an absolute storm among us local pizza lovers.

Serving up a range of delicious pizzas on light, sourdough bases in authentic Italian wood-fired ovens, the new base for the popular business is situated at the former Henri Beene retail premises in Abbeygate, just across from the original restaurant, which will now become Tredici At Home and be solely dedicated to deliveries.

Needless to say, the wet and windy weather on the opening weekend didn’t stop us from going down there to give the goods a try.


Heading into the restaurant, my first impression was just how busy it was – on a side note, I’d definitely recommend booking just to be on the safe side – and how lovely the internal décor was. Owners Simon Jowitt and Marie Chuka have definitely stuck to the ‘rustic chic’ feel of the original restaurant, which I love.

Saying that, you can’t deny just how eye-catching and snazzy the mosaic gold woodfired ovens look – it’s the first thing you notice. They’ve been imported directly from Naples in Italy, and look absolutely amazing.

The Lombardy pizza (bottom) and Piccante pizza (top)
The Lombardy pizza (bottom) and Piccante pizza (top)

After we were shown to our table, we had a browse of the menu and were spoilt for choice. Everything sounded so yummy.

I opted for the Lombardy pizza, which has tomato, mozzarella, goat’s cheese, roast peppers, wild rocket and balsamic glaze (but swapped the peppers for tomatoes), and my partner chose the Piccante – tomato, mozzarella, Nduja Calabrian sausage, Italian salami and fresh red onions. We went for the balsamic vinegar and olive oil crust dip.

The pizzas were prepared straight away and brought out to us within about five minutes. I did have to ask for a pizza cutter – so I’m not sure if it’s optional to do it yourself or if you can ask for it to be sliced before it gets brought to your table. It was a tad messy to do, not going to lie, but I thought it added to the experience.

Lombardy pizza
Lombardy pizza

For me, there’s just something about the combination of goats cheese, red onions and balsamic on pizza which I absolutely love. I just think the three work so well together. I’m not even a vegetarian, but if I go to any pizza restaurant and that combo is on the menu, I’ll almost always go for that pizza. And Tredici certainly didn’t disappoint.

The sourdough base was light and airy with a thick, moreish crust. Dunked into the rich balsamic and olive oil dip, it was absolute heaven.

Piccante pizza
Piccante pizza

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the pizza at Tredici is the closest thing to an authentic Italian pizza in this area that you can get. It was basically all I ate when I visited northern Italy in 2019, and to me, the pizza at Tredici tastes pretty much the same.

We were absolutely stuffed after the pizza, but couldn’t resist a cheeky look at the dessert menu. We both opted for Affogato, which is essentially a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a shot of Espresso and a shot of Amaretto.


And Oh. My. God. I’d never even had Affogato before this, but I think I might have just found my new favourite pudding. I do love a good coffee and I’ve got a major sweet tooth, so the combination of the two things was just fab.

All in all, the meal came to just over £40.

My verdict

In my opinion, Tredici serves the best pizza in Grimsby, without a doubt. It’s the closest thing to the pizza they serve in Italy that you can get in the area, and I’m so glad it’s on my doorstep. I’ll definitely be eating there again.

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