Then Jerico frontman Mark Shaw coming to Grimsby for exclusive gig

A famous 80s pop star is set to perform to the people of Grimsby in an upcoming gig – and it all came about because the organiser’s mum received a CD for Christmas years ago.

Then Jerico frontman Mark Shaw will be singing some of his greatest hits at Carr Lane Social Club in December. The band, famous for songs like Big Area and The Motive, have appeared on Top Of The Pops, sold over one million records and even supported the likes of Iggy Pop.

However, without the influence of a Grimsby man’s mother he may never have come. Event organiser George Kavanagh fell in love with the band after his mum received a CD as a Christmas present a number of years ago. Since then, he has met Mark and gone to a number of other gigs.

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George said: “My uncle bought mum a rare Then Jerico CD a few years ago and I ended up playing it more than she did. I absolutely loved it and ended up getting tickets to see Mark play a live acoustic set to around 100 people. During the first set, he noticed that I was singing nearly every word and I ended up on stage singing with him later in the show.”

George added: “It sounded terrible I have to admit, but we hit it off straight away and have kept in touch ever since.” Having had his A-Levels to focus on, George had to put his dreams of getting Mark to Grimsby on hold until after his exams, but is thrilled to be bringing someone he loves to his home town.

“After college, I was looking for something to do and thought I’d go the whole hog in trying to get Mark to come here,” George said. “To my surprise, he was really up for it, which was amazing to hear. I’m still doing this as a hobby for now though, but it’s something I really enjoy.”

George is a huge fan of the band after listening to a CD his mum got for Christmas
George is a huge fan of the band after listening to a CD his mum got for Christmas

Mark will be performing from 7.30pm on Friday, December 1 at the club in Carr Lane. George added: “As a fan myself, it’s great. They say never meet your heroes, but it’s done wonders for me. On top of that, if this goes well we can look at bringing more big names to Grimsby.

“People like Top Loader have been here, but there’s not been anyone that big since then, but maybe this can help bring names back to the town. I’m hoping this can be a proper party though all being well.” Tickets for the gig are available now at Eventbrite or by contacting George Kavanagh on social media.

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