We tried northern Lincolnshire’s best burger according to you

We decided to try what had been rated by Grimsby Live readers as the best burger in northern Lincolnshire – and we weren’t disappointed.

Beating off the likes of Beast Burger in Grimsby and Smoking Goat in Scunthorpe, The Goodburger at Bobbin in Cleethorpes had been hailed as the ultimate place to go for your burger fix. And we decided to put it to the test for ourselves.

Choosing to go on a Wednesday meant my order had 50% off which was a massive tick from the off considering we’re in a cost of living crisis. Having had a look at their Facebook before arriving, I knew how good the burgers looked, but was apprehensive about how good they would taste.

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In the past, I’d reviewed their version of the famous Big Mac, which it beat hands down, but had never tried anything else. Looking at the menu, there was plenty to chose from without being overwhelmed by the choices.

On offer was a cheese and bacon, BBQ burger or chilli burger. Alternatively, you could have those with a buttermilk chicken thigh or a vegan patty, giving plenty of options. Also up for grabs is a range of tasty looking loaded fries. However, with only the one thing on my mind, I opted solely for the burger.

There were plenty of options on the menu
There were plenty of options on the menu

After some deliberation, I went for the Double Cheese Bacon, coming in at £8.95, consisting of 2 3oz patties, smoked streaky bacon, swiss and American cheese, iceberg lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and Goodburger sauce . However, as I’d turned up on a Wednesday, that with a pint of diet coke came out at a very respectable £7.50.

If you’re ever in town, but don’t want to spend the earth then this could be the perfect place for you. In some of the quickest service I’ve ever had, it arrived in front of me only a few minutes after I’d placed the order.

On looks alone, it was a sold nine out of ten. If you close your eyes and picture the burger of your dreams this is what you’ll see. The two sides of the golden brioche bun were staring right back at me as the cheese oozed down the sides of the burger – heaven in a nutshell.

It looked as good as it tasted
It looked as good as it tasted

Salivating, I took my first bite. It was like a taste sensation with salt from the pickle, the bitterness of the onion, heartiness of the meat and richness of the cheese. I couldn’t have bettered it if I’d tried.

I’ve never been so impressed by something in such a small package, if you’ll pardon the pun. Every bite was the same great taste with amazing flavours running through the whole thing. I would recommend anyone try this and with their signature Goodburger sauce there are some elements you literally can’t get anywhere else.

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