We tried the Grumpy Kitchen in Cleethorpes and left feeling the opposite

We all love a nice café to sit in and watch the world go by and the newest addition to Cleethorpes offers exactly that.

The Grumpy Kitchen, on Alexandra Road, is full of unique and bespoke local art, has a huge menu and a delightful atmosphere to put you at ease. Walking in, I immediately felt comforted by the record player blasting out Lionel Richie and the drawings hung on the wall, which were all available to buy.

From one wall showcasing a number of football sketches to another full of animal drawings and landscapes, there really was something for everyone. However, it was the menu that blew me away.

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There was a breakfast menu, two sides of main meals, a kids menu, a light bites menu and a build your own burger menu. Suffice to say, I was spoilt for choice in terms of what to eat.

After a good five or ten minutes thumbing through the options and weighing up the pros and cons of each, I plumped for one of their own creations, the Dock Special. A cheesy centred fishcake with mushy pea puree on the top, all wrapped in a bread bun sounded delightful to me.

However, a special mention has to go to the Full English which came with two of everything you can think of for £6.45, value at its finest in my eyes. Deciding to go for something a bit different, I felt a little let down when I found out they’d run out of the mushy pea topping and the fish cake arrived in a plain bread bun.

Granted, it had been a busy day and they’d sold a lot of stock, but I wasn’t very impressed by the look of it. However, the taste soon made up for that.

The interior was very relaxing, adding another layer to the place
The interior was very relaxing, adding another layer to the place

Biting in to the fishcake, I was met by a cheese explosion. The richness of it married perfectly with the light taste of the fish and herbs that accompanied it, making it a well rounded dish.

Alongside the taste, the service was second to none. The waitress was very attentive and couldn’t have been more helpful, making me feel welcome throughout my time there. Another interesting item I spotted on the menu is the American classic coke float at £2.20. In some shops you’re paying that just for the drink so I have to applaud them for how affordable their menu was considering we’re in a cost of living crisis.

To accompany my Dock Special, I opted for an iced caramel latte which was perfectly balanced in terms of the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the caramel. Overall, I was very impressed with The Grumpy Kitchen.

Although a little let down by the initial look of the dish, the fishcake packed a punch and I enjoyed every mouthful. I would definitely recommend anyone give it a go though, for the price and atmosphere I don’t think anywhere offers better value for money.

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